Rules: New Passengers

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From time to time, new passengers come to the city. These passengers arrive by train. By choosing the action new passengers players can bring these passengers into play. Passengers are represented on the board by orange circles at intersections (the number in the circle is the number of passengers at that intersection). There are four at the beginning of the game, one at each of the four central intersections.

Just as in the case of line expansion, the first player to choose new passengers (so the one on a) must bring into play the same number of passengers as the maximum number of buses. The second player places one less passenger, etcetera.

The passengers have to be placed at one of the two stations. The stations are the two grey circles with a black circle outline – one in the northwest and the other in the southeast corners of the board (see image at right). It is allowed to distribute the passengers over both stations. The line of the player who chose the action does not have to be connected to the station. The passengers are taken out of the box and are put on the station. If there are no more passengers in the box, no more passengers can be put into play. If someone still chooses this action, he can do nothing.