Rules: The Clock

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The city of Bus is located in a strange universe. A crazy professor has developed a complex machine that can halt time for a while. This may be lucrative, but it is also dangerous. If time is stopped too often, the time-space-continuum ruptures, with dramatic consequences for the city.

The action clock can be chosen by just one player each turn. When the action should be performed, this player may choose to stop time. He or she is not obliged to do so. If a player stops time, the time indicator stays on the type of building that it was on. If no one chooses this action, or if the player in question decides not to stop time, the time indicator just moves on one step in clockwise direction.

If a player stops time, he has to take one clock stone from the clock. He keeps this stone, which counts as one minus point. If you choose the clock and let time go its way, you do not get a minus point. If there are no more clock stones on the clock, the time-space-continuum ruptures and the game ends immediately. Further actions in that round are not played. Points are counted immediately.