Rules: The First Lines

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Note: These are the rules from the physical board game, and refer to the wooden sticks used to represent players' bus lines. There are no sticks in the PBW version -- a colored line on the game board picture represents the bus lines.

Now, all players put down a stick of their own colour in one of the streets on the city board. The starting player plays first, followed by the other players in clockwise order. It is allowed to put a stick in a street that already contains one. These sticks indicate the first bus lines.

The last player who played a stick (i.e. the player to the right of the starting player) may now expand his bus line by playing a second stick at one of the ends of the first one.

Then, in counterclockwise order, all other players play a second stick. The starting player is thus the last to play his (or her) second stick. The rules on expanding your bus line, which will be explained later on, must be followed when playing the second stick. This means that it is not always allowed to put this stick in a street that already contains one.

When all players have put down their two buildings and two sticks, the starting player starts the first round.