Rules: Choosing Actions

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A round consists of two parts. First, all players choose actions. Then, the actions are performed one by one.

The actions are shown on the action board. Each player has to choose a minimum of two actions each round. The maximum number of actions he or she can choose is limited only by the number of action stones he or she has remaining.

Line Expansion Buying
a Bus
New Passengers New Buildings The
VRROOOMM! Starting
15 left
4 left

The starting player starts. He places one of his action stones on one of the seven actions. Then the next player, in clockwise order, places one action stone. Play proceeds this way until everyone has chosen at least two actions.

The actions buying a bus, clock and starting player can only be chosen by one player each turn. No player can put an action stone on such an action once it has been chosen by another player.

The other actions may be chosen by multiple players. The first player to choose such an action puts her stone on the square marked a, the second puts his stone on the square marked b, etcetera. One player may choose the same action more than once in the same round.

If a player has already placed two actions when it is his turn to play, he may pass. This means he cannot place any more action stones in that round. Players keep on choosing actions until all players have passed. There is no maximum to the number of action stones that a player may use in one round, but if a player has no more action stones, he or she is out of the game.