Rules: Buying a Bus

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Note: These are the rules from the physical board game, and refer to the bus parking lot. The lot is not shown in PBW version -- the number of buses a player has is shown in the player summary table.

Player Points Buses Action
R  Player One
0 1 18    
B  Player Two
0 1 18   * * *
G  Player Three
0 1 18    

There can be more than one bus on a line. The more buses ride the line, the more passengers you can transport. If you want to move around lots of passengers, you will have to buy more buses.

The player who chose buying a bus puts the action stone he used in the bus parking lot on the action board. Every stone on this parking lot stands for one bus that may ride that player’s line. Each bus will transport a maximum of one passenger per turn.

It is important for all players to know the number of buses owned by the player who has the most buses. This number is called the maximum number of buses. The number of passengers, line expansions and buildings that can be added each turn depends on this maximum number of buses (see above). If the player who has the most buses buys another one, the maximum number of buses immediately increases. All players who have chosen new passengers or new buildings have to bring more passengers or buildings into play that turn.