Rules: Battles Resulting from Movement

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Player versus player

If a players moves armies into a province that belong to another player, all attacking armies as well than all the armies that the defender wants to use are thrown in the tower.

If the contested province has no more that one revolt marker, any emerging farmer armies fight on the side of the defender. They suffer casualties first, and if there are not enough to cover the losses, armies from the defender are also returned to the supply.

Example: Four blue (attacker) and three red (defender) armies are thrown into the tower. Three blue, four red (one additional from the tower) and a green (from the tower) cubes drop out. The result is a successful defense, and if the farmers are supporting the defender, the count is five armies for the defender (red) against three for the attacker (blue). So three blue cubes go back into the supply, along with the green cube and two red cubes. The remaining two red cubes are returned to the province.

If the province has two or more revolt markers, any emerging farmers do not count for either party and stay in the cup.

If the defender has more emerging armies (possibly including farmers), then the province is successfully defended and the attack failed.

If the attacker wins, he conquers the province, and immediately takes control of it. If it was selected by the defender for a not yet executed action, that action will be cancelled.

Example: blue is attacked by red. From the tower drop out 4 red and 6 blue armies. Blue is the defender and puts back two armies in his province. If two less blue armies would have dropped out, the province would have been devastated.

Player versus an empty province

An empty province is defended by one farmer army. If a player moves into an empty province, all attacking armies and one farmer army (and all armies in the cup) are thrown in the tower. Armies other than farmers and those of the aggressor are not involved.

If the aggressor conquers the province, he/she occupies it with his/her remaining armies and a revolt marker is added to the province.