Rules: Revolts

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Farmer revolts occur under two sitations: Grain/Gold revolts and Winter Hunger revolts. In both cases, if the farmer revolt is successful (the number of farmers that emerge from the cube tower equals or exceeds the number of the player's armies that emerge), the player loses the province (it becomes unoccupied/neutral) and it is completely devastated (building tiles and revolt markers are removed).

Grain/Gold revolts

This situation results from taking grain or gold from a province already with one or more revolt markers (see "Grain/Gold" on rules page 7). One farmer cube is thrown into the tower for each revolt marker in the province, and the defending player may contribute as many armies from the province as he/she chooses as defense.

Winter Hunger revolts

In winter, after the grain loss has been taken into account (see rules page 6), any player with fewer units of grain than provinces will suffer hunger revolts. These revolts are carried out in the player turn order determined during the previous autumn.

The table to the right shows the number and the strength of revolts for each player. The left column shows the number of grain units that the player is short. The corresponding number of provinces (center column) are chosen at random -- these will suffer revolts. The right column indicates how many additional farmer armies are thrown in the tower for each province revolt.

During a revolt the player defends himself against the farmer armies resident in the province. They attack with a number of armies corresponding to the number in the right column of the table plus the number of revolt markers in the province. Since the player is the defender, he may use as many as armies as desired to defend. The player also chooses in which order the revolts are conducted.

Number of
Number of
Farmer Armies

Example: Jörg has two units of grain fewer than he needs for his provinces. He will endure a revolt in one of his provinces, chosen at random. If there were two revolt markers in the chosen province, four total farmer armies would be thrown in the tower -- 2 for the revolt markers plus 2 for the grain shortage, as indicated in the right column in the table.