Rules: Winter

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a. Grain loss

The last event card indicates how many points of grain are lost to spoilage. Each player loses that many units of grain. The event text has no meaning during winter. Only the grain loss number is considered.

b. Revolts

After the grain losses, each player must possess at least one unit of grain for each of his/her provinces, in order to ensure that the armies and population are fed for the winter. If this is not the case, this leads to revolts (see rules page 10).

c. Scoring

For each province and each building that a player possesses, he receives one victory point.

Then, in each of the five regions, the players with the most palaces, churches and trading firms receive victory points. Having the most palaces in a region earns 3 VP, most churches earns 2 VP, and most trading firms earns 1 VP.

If there is tie for most, the points are awarded to each player involved in the tie but with 1 point fewer (2 for palaces, 1 for churches, 0 for trading firms). Example: Jörg and Monica have the same number of palaces and more than anyone else in Brandenburg. They each get 2 points. If Jörg would have been the only one to get the palace majority he would have received 3 points.

Points for provinces, buildings, and region majorities are added together and recorded.

d. Remove revolt markers

All revolt markers on the game board are removed.

e. Year end

A new year begins and play goes through year start and the four seasons again. After the second year, the game is over.