Rules: Battles

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There is a battle if:

  • a player moves armies into a province belonging to an other player
  • a player moves armies into a free, neutral province
  • a revolt occurs

A battle always involves exactly two parties: either two players, or a player and the farmers. Sometimes the farmers also fight on the side of a player.

The fighting armies and all the armies present "in the cup" (even those belonging to players not involved in the battle) are thrown at the same time in the virtual cube tower. Everything that emerges out the bottom of the virtual tower and does not belong to any of the parties taking part in the battle remains in the cup.

The number of emerging armies that belong to the fighting parties determines the outcome of the battle. The party which has the fewer armies emerge is defeated and put its armies back in the supply. The other party wins the battle, but loses as many armies as the opposite side did. Remaining armies of the winner are placed in the contested province.

Except with a tied battle or a successful farmer revolt, buildings are not affected by the battle outcome. If there is a tie between both parties, the province is totally devastated: building tiles and revolt markers are removed and the province becomes unoccuppied (neutral).

The aggressor must throw all his/her attacking armies into the tower but the defender may defend with as many of his/her armies from the defending province as he/she chooses. The defender may choose not to use all available armies in the case of a weak attack, to prevent too many defending armies from remaining in the tower. In this SpielByWeb implementation of the game, the game creator has the option of having all defenders automatically defend with all armies, to provide for a faster game (this has not yet been implemented -- currently, the defender always defends will full strength). Note: If the defender hasn't used all available armies and loses the battle, all armies left in the provinces are also returned to the supply.

If armies belonging to players not involved in a battle emerge from the tower during a battle, then they remain in the cup until the next battle, when they will be thrown in the tower again. When farmer armies are involved in a battle (either because they are revolting, or are assisting the defender), all emerging green cubes are returned to the supply. Otherwise, they remain in the cup.