Rules: Fourth Phase: In the Castle

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After all actions in the auction house are complete, action cards chosen by all players in the castle are revealed at the same time. They will take the actions in the following order:

  1. Exhibition
  2. Players exhibiting a collection can advance their tokens around the board. Each player who selected the Exhibit action card must exhibit exactly one valid collection in front of him, as explained in the rules section titled Exhibitions. If a player cannot exhibit a valid collection, he/she does not take part in this action.

    The players exhibiting the two most valuable collections move their pawns, as described under Exhibitions. All other players do not advance.

    The exhibition action cards are returned to the hand. The exhibited collection cards are also returned to the hand, but only after the thieves have had their chance.

  3. Thief
  4. The thief steals collection cards from the exhibitions that were just evaluated. You can thereby receive additional collection cards by playing a thief in the castle.

    Each player who has set a thief in the castle steals one card of his/her choice from each exhibition. The best thief (the one with the highest number) has the first choice, and so on down the line. If no detective card has been played the players return their thieves to their hands.

  5. Detective
  6. The successful use of the detectives can also advance the tokens around the board.

    Detectives may only be played in the castle. All displayed detectives catch all thieves, and put them in jail (see the rules section titled Jail to see how this works).

    All players who have successful detectives advance their token the number of spaces based on their current position along the board. In the following example, red (being in first place) would advance one space, blue (in second place) would advance two spaces, green and yellow (both in third place) would advance three spaces, and purple (in fifth place) would advance five spaces if their detectives were successful.







    The detective cards are then returned to their hands.