Rules: Auction Version

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In the Auction Version, the Terrain hexes are auctioned instead of being drawn. Turns are grouped into Rounds with the Round size equal to the number of players.

-Players also take a Turn Indicator in their color.
-Place the scoring markers on .20. of the Scoring Track. This is your starting capital.
-Draw and place face up as many Terrain hexes as there are players.


Each player bids for the right to play first and have first choice of hexes. Each hex is bid on in the same way.

-The start player may bid or pass, play continuing clockwise.
-Each successive bid must be higher than the last bid.
-Once a player passes, he.s out of the bidding for that turn.
-Bidding ends when all players but 1 have passed.
-If all players pass, the first player who passed takes his turn for free.
-The winning bidder moves his score marker back the amount of his bid, places a hex, and uses 10 AP to explore. On finishing his turn, he turns his Turn Indicator over. He may not bid again this Round.
-For the next Round, the player to the left of the last player in the previous Round is the first bidder.


The Scoring is the same as the Basic game. When a player chooses the Volcano hex, it is set aside and the Scoring Round begins. When all players, in clockwise order, have taken their scoring turn, the Volcano player takes his normal turn, then turns his Turn Indicator upside down.

The Final Scoring Round.Players take their scoring turn in order from the lowest scorer to the highest scorer. If there is a tie, the player closest clockwise to the last player to play a hex goes first.