Rules: Place a Tile

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Place Terrain Tile:

The following rules must be followed when placing a terrain hex:

  • Place tile adjacent to a hex that has already been explored.
  • Paths with stones on them may be used to move from one hex to another. If there are no stones on either hex, the path is not useable.
  • A new hex must be placed so that it is reachable by at least one path.
Four Types of Terrain:
    1-Jungle: You may establish a Camp on Jungle hexes. Each expedition.s Camps are connected to each other and the Base Camp by secret paths.
    2-Temple: You may uncover part of the Temple if you have an expedition member in the hex.
    3-Treasure: When the Treasure hex is placed, a Treasure is placed on it for each mask. You may take a Treasure if you have a member in the hex. Once the Treasures are all taken, it can be used to establish a Camp.
    4-Volcano: Drawing a Volcano hex signals a Scoring Round. Expeditions may not enter or pass through a Volcano hex.

In the implementation of Tikal you place a tile by clicking on the new tile to rotate it, then selecting the red highlighted area where you want to place it.